5 Small Shops to Buy Your Stationery Goods


Sometimes, an unexpected delight can brighten up even the most mundane afternoon. However, it seems as though the art of a handwritten note or card is slowly diminishing. With everything going digital it’s easy to forgot how much joy a thoughtful message can bring. Gone are the days when we would browse through colorful cards for various occasions, because as a culture we have become accustomed to the speed of a text or even an email. But once in a while, it is fun to grab a piece of paper and write to someone far and dear – chances are it could be cherished for years.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I’m slightly - uh, completely obsessed with not only cards, but snail mail alike. There’s nothing more exciting to me than coming across the perfect card for a specific friend or family member, no matter the occasion. You don’t need to have a reason to let someone know that you were thinking of them, which is why a small stash of stationery goods are the perfect items to have handy!

These small shops are with me in trying to bring back the simple pleasure of writing. Take a look, perhaps even make a purchase, and see how a chic canvas can elevate the spirits of both you and the ones you love you most.


Debra Cartwright

Watch out for paint and wine spills. Debra Cartwright is a Harlem based watercolor artist influenced by the fashion and beauty images that dominate the media landscape. When one of my dearest girlfriends sent me the most thoughtful card this past Christmas (no but really, it was perfection), my obsession with Debra Cartwright’s work was officially born. Shop online here!


The Merchant Atlanta

With stationery coating the walls as far as the eye can see, rows of cheeky coffee mugs looking for their forever home, and much, much more, The Merchant offers Atlanta shoppers an array of curated goods in a cozy setting. Can’t find the perfect card you’re looking for on the floor? Just ask one of their friendly employees and they’ll help pull something special from the ‘vault’! For my fellow Atlantans, The Merchant has locations on the Westside, Inman Park, along with a pop-up at Lenox Square. You can find me here once a month perusing their shelves to replenish my special card stash at home. Shop online here!


Cloth & Paper

While I haven’t gotten my hands on one of Cloth & Paper’s products just yet, I simply can’t wait to. I have been following their products for some time now, and love their emphasis on creating luxe stationery goods with a minimalist twist. Following the much adored subscription box services, Cloth & Paper also provides a monthly stationery box full of fun goodies to accompany your paper purchases. Shop online here!



Another Atlanta gem, Crafted (also located at Lenox Square) is a small boutique featuring local artisan goods. Crafted partners with local makers, small businesses, and emerging designers to offer a wide range of handcrafted goods including apparel, accessories, home décor, stationery and gifts. What truly sets Crafted’s goods apart from the rest is that I know each time I make a purchase, a local artist is a doing a little celebratory dance from their home studio :) Shop online here!



Tayham literally has the coolest card collections on the planet. Completely up to date with pop culture, Tayham sells an array of cards ranging from Barack Obama to Frida Kahlo dazzling their covers. The perfect pick-me-up accompanied with a hearty chuckle, Tayham has the perfect card for any occasion. Shop online here!

P.S. Happy writing, and remember to shop small!