The Power of a Book Club (and How to Start One)


When it comes to friendships they say ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. But what about when it comes to finding a group of individuals that share the same interests as yourself? Specifically I want to share the power of finding your posse - book posse that is, and the many benefits a good book club can possess. So brew your favorite cup of coffee, curl up on the sofa (and if you’re like me, with an ultra cozy blanket), and let’s get into this!

Let me start by saying:

If you’re a bonafide bibliophile and you’re not part of a book club, I encourage you to join one…like, today.

For me, finding the perfect book club pretty much fell into my lap. My close friend had been a part of a book club for the past year, and each month I would find myself eagerly awaiting her hand me downs (the book club’s selection for that particular month). What drew me to this book club in particular was that they not only met consistently (major key) to discuss books ranging from a variety of genres, but that they also made it a priority to have fun by engaging in social activities together. Not only was I looking for accountability partners that shared a common love for reading, but for a group of women looking to have fun and build meaningful relationships in the process. A full year of membership later and I am entering my second year in a book club with an amazing group of women from all walks of life. Joining a book club? One of my best decisions yet. Why?

A book club…

1.     …provides you with a group of accountability partners. Struggling to find your reading groove? One thing I love about being in a book club is that it supplies me with a group of accountability partners that keep me on track towards my reading goals while doing the same for them.

2.     ...allows you to meet new people. There’s nothing I cherish more than my friendship circle. But it’s refreshing to branch out and meet new people. And let’s face it, sometimes that can be hard. A book club allows you to engage with a variety of people that you may not have met otherwise.

3.     …gives you a space to openly talk about all things books! Where else will you find a sanctuary where you can openly share your love for reading without someone judging you for your on-off again relationship with a fictional character? A book club allows you the “no judgement” zone to be the booknerd you truly are.

If anything I’ve said above now has you wondering “Well how do I start a book club of my own?” don’t worry, I’m leaving you with a short to-do list to get started:

1.     Gage the interest of those around you and get them excited! Start getting your ideas on paper: from a name for the group, to the flow of the first meeting, and start getting prospective members invested in joining! The moment you share your excitement for your idea with others is when you’ll attract the right individuals to join your inaugural book club. Remember, quality over quantity. It’s not necessarily about the number of individuals that join, but the quality of the group and its purpose.

2.     Make a list and check it twice. Have a personal list of TBR’s (to be read) resting on your bookshelf? Use it to compose a list of books your club will engage in each month together. It’s important to note that everyone has varying tastes in reads, and therefore it may be a good idea to survey members for their book suggestions. A book club is all about branching out, so don’t be afraid to include a variety of genres, especially those that stretch both yourself and others outside comfort zones. If you’re unsure of where to start, here’s our book club’s list for the year. Feel free to use as a starting point!


click here to download


3.     Plan your first meet. Get the confetti ready because this is the best part! Take the time to sit down and plan a meeting for the books (pun intended). Some fun ideas for a kickoff are to host a vision board party, or perhaps even “Books & Brunch”, allowing members to start getting to know one another. The kickoff meeting is also a great time to survey the group for book suggestions before finalizing a list. The first meeting sets the tone for the remainder of the year, so make it fun!

There’s power in a book club and I can’t wait to hear all about your first meet! You’ve got this.

Stay (lit)erature,