5 Tips to Jumpstarting Your Day


Lately I’ve been on this huge self-care kick which includes eating right, working out consistently, fulfilling regular doctor check-ups, and the list goes on. Call it getting closer to my thirties or simply the vain desire for clear, glowing skin, but either way you have it I’ve become obsessed with finding systems and routines that work best for me. And sharing is caring, right? Whether you’re a morning person or not, starting the day with intention is a major key. This week I want to share my top five tips to jumpstarting your day:


1.     Try going screen-free as you carry out your morning routine. Raise your hand if you too have the habit of scrolling through the gram the moment you wake up? (*weakly raises hand*). This is an area I’m still working on, but challenge yourself to going screen-free in the morning as you wake up and prepare for the day. The Moment app has helped me tremendously in deceasing the amount of time I spend glued to my phone. Moment helps you put down your phone and get back to your life by automatically tracking how much you use your phone and sets daily limits for accountability. Imagine how much more efficient your time could be spent!


2.     Fuel your mind, body, and soul with some kind words. Did you know that it’s been proven that making positive statements our loud can radically improve your mood, relationships, and life experiences? Words of affirmation is my love language, and I need it almost on a daily basis. But let’s be realistic, you’re not always going to be fed glows from others, which is why you should feed yourself a serving each and every morning. I first came across Affirmators! on a favorite blogger’s page and knew I needed to have them.  This boxed set of forty affirmatory cards allows you to pull a single card daily and read aloud as a daily reminder that you are in fact awesome. Click here to purchase your own set!


3.     Carve out time to make a nutritious breakfast at home. The importance of this first meal of the day is literally inscribed in the word itself: break • fast. In order to jumpstart you day in the right direction you must fuel your body properly. Confession: I used to despise weekday breakfast, but with working out so consistently I knew I had to add it to my dietary routine. Whether you’re a cereal, eggs & bacon, or banana and oatmeal fan, don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day. Want to kick it up a notch? Challenge yourself to make and truly enjoy breakfast at home (sitting at a table is a bonus!) rather than eating on-the-go. Click here to see what easy breakfast recipe I’m dying to try!


4.     Listen to a favorite podcast while en route to work. Podcasts have become my favorite earbud candy, and now I’ve taken the addiction to my aux cord. As you get in your car and drive to work, queue your favorite podcast and listen while en route. I love how I’m able to knock out an episode(s) while fueling my mind with encouraging stories, valuable information, and sometimes lots of laughter first thing in the morning. Are you a podcast novice or simply looking to switch up your current lineup? Catch up on my previous post “5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Now”.

5.     Greet coworkers with a smile and spark up a brief convo. I truly don’t believe in starting the work day without greeting co-workers in passing. If this isn’t a part of your routine already, add it immediately. Not only does it show a level of respect, but care for others. I get it, you’re not going to become best friends with everyone you work with, but try sparking up a brief convo (10 minutes max) in the morning with someone that you normally wouldn’t. I’ve been amazed of the things I’ve learned about various coworkers just from stopping by their desk and asking how their morning/day was going. Not only does it form a sense of work community, but a good conversation can help wake you up at 9:00 am quicker than a cup of coffee ever will!

What are some ways you like to power up and start your day? Share in the comments below!