5 Atlanta Restaurants I’m Dying to Try (FREEBIE INCLUDED!)


Can I share a confession with you all? The winter blues have officially kicked in on my end, and I’m desperately in need of something new. New restaurants that is, and thank goodness Atlanta is just the right mecca for providing me with my heart (and stomach’s) true desires. It seems like each and every day I drive past a new restaurant that’s popped up either on the block or nearby. Needless to say, my taste palette surely isn’t complaining about these blessings. Living in a city that excels in the essence of delicious foods and providing a dining experience like no other, my list of untouched restaurants in the A continues to grow. My friends often laugh at the fact that I keep an ongoing note saved to my phone, listing all of the various restaurants I wish to try, and checking them off one by one as the gluttony has been achieved in all its beautiful glory.

As a gift to you, I’ve included a downloadable freebie at the end of this post, listing all of my desired Atlanta restaurants, unmarked, and categorized by neighborhoods!

What is one to do with a never-ending bucket list of restaurants to tackle in the city? Add even more restaurants to the list, obviously! Below I’m sharing the Top 5 ATL Restaurants I’m practically salivating over wanting to try:


1.     Muchacho (Reynoldstown)

They say the West Coast is the best coast, which may be why so many Cali-esque restaurants have migrated to the South, and to Atlanta specifically. Grain and smoothie bowls are becoming all the rage, and poké bowls now have sushi lovers cheating on their weekly Rainbow Roll orders (myself included). Dressed as if it’s the 1970s in Venice Beach, Muchacho brings California cuisine to the historic Reynoldstown neighborhood. A one stop shop for all things tacos, toasts, grain bowls and poké, Muchacho is sure to become the hottest new restaurant everyone will be spending their Taco Tuesdays at.

I can’t wait to devour their…Mole Grilled Pineapple Tacos and sip on their Spiked Agua Frescas


2.     Home Grown (Reynoldstown)

I promise I haven’t been living under a rock or sleeping on this gem. Known to be a breakfast favorite among Atlanta eaters, this Reynoldstown staple consistently has a line wrapped around the building. Said to have impeccable customer service to match their savory dishes, I’m making it my mission to finally experience all that this retro country-diner has to offer. Locally grown produce, fresh ingredients, and a tasty meal sure to satisfy your cravings while not clogging your arteries? Sign me right up.

I can’t wait to devour their…BBQ Shrimp & Cheese Grits


3.     The Painted Duck (Westside)

The sibling to Buckhead’s Painted Pin, The Painted Duck has officially made its Westside debut. Who wouldn’t want to experience cocktails and modern bar food alongside social games and bowling? Sounds like my type of happy hour. I’ve always been a fan of The Painted Pin’s way of providing a posh nightlife scene fused in a laidback setting, which is why I’m so glad they’ve opened an additional location. Specializing in shareable small plates and signature cocktails, The Painted Duck is far from being the new kid on the block.

I can’t wait to devour their…Loaded Tots and sip on their Southside Fizz cocktail

dish dive.jpg

4.     Dish Dive (Kirkwood)

Okay, so the person that shared this with me is either going to hate or love me for sharing this one with you all (update on this to follow), but I’m literally dying to try this restaurant with a twist. The small BYOB eatery offers a modern take on various classic American cuisine favorites. However, don’t get too attached to a dish, because the restaurant changes the menu on a weekly basis. Additional bonus? Dish Dive is located next door to a brunch favorite of mine, Sun in My Belly (see previous blog post here), which means it can certainly be trusted.

I can’t wait to devour their…Dive Fries and Scallops


5.     The Busy Bee Soul Food Café (Vine City)

Let’s face it, you haven’t experienced the true richness of the South if you haven’t devoured a plate of authentic soul food. With so many restaurants claiming to specialize in soul food, I’ve struggled to find a spot in Atlanta that I truly can rave about (besides Greens and Gravy, because they’re sinfully delicious). In business since the 40s, this blacked-owned Vine City staple is notorious for serving up some of Atlanta’s best fried chicken alongside many other soul food favorites. It’s a true temptation that The Busy Bee is just minutes away from my work office (eeek!). So don’t go running and telling my gym trainer when you see me there on a lunch break within the month.

I can’t wait to devour their…Busy Bee’s Fried Chicken (duh!) with Collard Greens and Carrot Souffle

These are just a few of Atlanta’s restaurants that I’m dying to try. What’s on your list?

Don’t be greedy, share your top spots in the comments below!

Click here for my full bucket list of Atlanta dining spots, unmarked, and categorized by neighborhoods.